About me

It all began with a carrot....

I was a bored kid sitting at the dinner table. 

I randomly decided to carve a face into a carrot. When I was done, I had a silly idea – I can probably sell this! 

I listed it on eBay and to my surprise, the carrot sold! I was $5 richer, but more importantly, I saw the light. 

I can make money on the internet with a little bit of ingenuity. And thus began my journey…

The Early Days

In middle school, I’d go out to yard sales with my mom, find old comic books, buy as many as I could afford, then re-sell them on eBay. I had a lot of fun, but ultimately it was just a hobby.

And while in high school, I found online poker. This was my first taste of the “laptop lifestyle.” I could just sit down at the computer, play a card game, and make money. Unfortunately, as I was progressing, online poker was shut down in the US and I had to find a new path.

Discovering Digital Marketing

I went to college for a bit and did well, but felt like I was missing something. I took to the internet and found “The 4-Hour Work Week.” I could see the future in this moment – the internet is going to rule our lives and I want to be a part of it.

So I began freelance writing for SEO companies, but this quickly took off. I wrote 60k words in the first two months. I had to raise my rates and hire other writers. I suddenly realized I was running a successful content agency! So I decided to leave college and pursue this full time.  

Digital Nomad Dreams

My goal was to be a world-traveling digital nomad with a profitable online business. 

Within about a year, I achieved that. I flew to Thailand at 20-years old, met other digital marketers, and learned a lot. 

But as time went on, I found this lifestyle wasn’t really for me. I flew back to the states and continued the content agency, but started shifting my focus to other pursuits. 

I grew a personal development blog, offered consulting, wrote Kindle books, and so much more. I learned a lot purely by trial and error. 

However, I realized that I was missing something essential if I wanted to level up – a mentor. 

So I decided to take a back seat from entrepreneurship and get a job…

Student Of The Game

At 21-years old, I started offering up my services for employment.

I learned from so many smart people that were ahead of me. I launched and ran a membership site, co-managed a live conference with 100+ people, and worked insane hours freelancing. 

When I was 23-years old, I recognized that although I had amassed a lot of skills over the years, I was lacking true expertise in digital marketing. So I took a job at The Hero Co – where I still work today.

Turning Pro

I started off as a content manager, where I doubled organic search traffic and helped to increase email revenue to $50k per month.

About 6 months in, I was promoted to run Facebook ads. The learning curve was steep, but I worked hard at it and have since developed a true ability as a media buyer. I’ve spent well over $5 Million on Facebook and have generated tens of millions in revenue for e-commerce and info products.

My experience at The Hero Co has been very positive – I started as an amateur marketer, and these smart people have turned me into a pro.

Present Day

Now I’m 28-years old and reside in Tampa, Florida. 

My days consist of Facebook ads, copywriting, and browsing Reddit a little too much.

For fun, I’m a fan of MMA, walking, and reading non-fiction.

I can’t say what the future holds, but I am forever a student of life, business, and marketing. 

If you’d like to chat, you can fill out the Contact Form or email me directly at kevin@kevincole.com.